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Experimenting with Electro-Swing


Hey Guys! I don't know if you guys enjoy Electro-Swing, but I'm experimenting with something completely new (at least for me) on this Arrangement for my Band and would appreciate any kind of Feedback.

What I had in mind: I really like the idea behing Electro-Swing, in the sense of taking something old and mixing it up with new grooves. I also like the fact, that there is a whole different audience to this Genre.

So my Idea was to take that idea even one step further by applying these electronic Grooves and taking them back to a traditional swing Band that imitates these new Sounds in a purely acoustic manner. Does that make sense? Our working title for that is "analogue-electro-Swing" I don't know if anybody ever tried that before, but I find it really enjoyable writing and playing this stuff. I really dig all the old guys and their playing, but I always felt like just reproducing something, and finally I think I'm on the path to creating something new.


Would love to hear what you guys think of it.



Are you saying all the music on that track is being made by a machine? I'm not sure I'm understanding the "electro" part of your description?

I dig the groove. If it was real musicians playing it all, I'd really dig it!


Hey Ruger!

Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure if Electro-Swing is a thing in the US, as far as I know it's at least more famous here in Europe. I'll try to explain it: There are some DJ's taht have specialized in mixing up old Swing music and making it "more danceable" by putting electronic grooves underneath. The most popular example would be Parov Stelar I guess.

What I tried to do is taking that Idea back, by playing it without a DJ or any kind of electronics. Everything you hear i a purely acoustic Swing Band, imitating electronic music. The Drumkit used on our Record is actually from the 1930's with these huge Bassdrums, which in fact sounds perfect for that fat Electro Bassdrum. I'm sorry, English is not my native language I find it a bit difficult to explain.


This would be an Example of what Electro-Swing is:

I'm trying to reverse-engineer that sound to an acoustic Band. That's why our working title for this kind of music is "analogue Electro-Swing"


I'm not sure I understand it either even though you are explaining it right. I do like it alot though so thanks posting as I am intrigued and will investigate a little further.


For me, that track as it relates to the movie clip, is a perfect example of "if it isn't broke, don't try to fix it." The original soundtrack for that movie was perfect. It was a fine score played on real instruments and was meant to accompany the dance scene, not become an annoying distraction. This doesn't work for me on any level. For me, if you want to use some new type of soundtrack, produce a new video and use that. Sorry, but this concept simply desecrates a classic film.


Desecrates? What an odd view of the sacred...


What Windsordave said. Each to his/her own of course, but I can't really see the point of sticking an electronic beat behind music like that. It reminds me of records by Jive Bunny where a drum machine was dubbed onto, say, a Little Richard record -- replacing Earl Palmer, of all people!

However, I liked the clip of Paul's band, which to me seems like playing the music as it was in the first place. Or am I getting the wrong end of the stick here? It wouldn't be the first time!


I like your version, but really doesn't sound particularly Electro to me, which is a good thing. I'm happy that there may be some folks turned on to this music much the way that back in the day people got hip to old blues records from Clapton and others exposing it. It's just that to me, the Electro beat thing is so annoying and in your face in the mix. It's like using a sledge hammer to drive a brad nail.


Hey guys! Thanks for the feedback so far.

I totally get what some of you don't like about the Parov Stelar Clip I posted. I too think, that real electronic drums are often times too much "in your face". What I like about that idea though is that music like that feels old/familiar and new/fresh at the same time. I also prefer playing with musicians over playing with a drum Computer or a DJ. That's why I'm developing this concept. I don't think, music should be treated like something you put in a museum. That's why I often felt a bit unsatisfied by playing old music how it has always been played. Don't get me wrong, I love all the old Guys, they're my heroes. But I don't see the value in just repeating what they already did. That's why I think the electro stuff is exciting for me. Wether you like it or not, it's doing something new to that music. In the 30's and 40's Jazz artist tried to incorporate all sorts of new sounds into their music. Stuff like Chinese and african drums, that in the end led to the drumkit as we know it today. I'm trying to pose and answer the question of what a Band of yesteryear would have sounded like if they had heard Electronic music and tried to incorporate these new sounds into their Work. I totally get it if someone prefers the old stuff over what I'm trying to do, but I'm really satisfied by writing and playing stuff like that, because finally I think I'm starting to do my own Thing.

Tanks for all the replies so far, I really enjoy reading your different points of view!



My dad listened and played this kinda music his WHOLE life. He would have loved your band. History repeats itself. Modern twists are inevitable. You sound greaT to me.


Agree with Munman. My complaint is with the artificial drum thing. Taking your influences from anywhere and making something new is what it's all about. Computer music to my ears is like sex with robots ,artificial and unnatural.


As a person that was part of the late 90s swing revival and still reunite with my old band I get what you are going for. We were trying to modernize the sound a bit but still keep it swingin. I like what you recorded. Very Squirrel Nut Zippers type groove. I'm sure electro beats can be used but I'm not sure if it's been done the way I would like it yet

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