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Elly May’s Theme From The Beverly Hillbillies


Elly May's Theme was written by Perry Botkin Sr. as incidental music for the Beverly Hillbillies. It generally played when Elly May Clampett appeared and often when she was with her 'critters' :)

It is very reminiscent of Les Paul's pioneering recording work because the lead guitar is played in at half speed and dubbed at double speed which is a neat recording trick. I like to think the fast high pitched guitar represents Elly May's critters! :). As a modern update to this recording trick I have sped the video up on the lead guitar to match the double speed audio. Hope you enjoy it!!!


Wicked! Beautifully done. I always thought of the slower part as the 'lead guitar' and the high part was almost like a background part


Great : )

I was in a band in the 80's and we played a lot of those interludes from the show ,,

We called it, "Ellie May by the pool!" :)

or, When "Mr. Drysdale" drove to the band.

Wasn't Roy Lanham and Joe Maphis involved with those tracks too?


Thanks Toxophilite and Geoff

I don't know who else did them Geoff but I love the show - I have every episode

I do like the bebop Mr Drysdale bank number too as you mentioned!

It was a heap of fun recording it because you just can't take it seriously!


Made my morning. Thanks.


Me too Bax! Takes me back to when I saw the debut of the show and watched every week. That guitar playing captivated me then and still does today. Wonderful playing Andrew! Nice effect with the 4 screens.


Fantastic. I wasn't sure exactly what the theme was but I remembered it instantly. Ellie May in those jeans by the pool....


If'n it wasn't so cold out, I'd head down to the cee-ment pond for a dip...EXCELLENT video, sir!


Fantastic! A great interlude from my favorite TV show. It certainly made me smile. Strong work, sir!


Absolutely fantastic! Love this. Very well done and, as you mentioned, very reminiscent of Les Paul’s recording techniques. Super talented Mr. Astro!

A side note...Perry Botkin Sr played on Eddie Cochran’s “Drive In Show” which was also on his only album “Singin’ To My Baby”.


That was great Andrew!


Thanks very much fellas - glad you enjoyed it and gave you a smile


Well done Andrew - a labour of love for you, and lots of fun for the rest of us :)

I love those old Les Paul "speeded up" things, and some of the Buddy Merrick things are lots of fun too. Even Larry Carlton has used the technique to great effect. Thanks for posting!


Just wanted to come back today and comment how much I enjoyed this video post yesterday. Shared the performance with my family last evening after work, and they loved it!


What a hoot Mr Astro! Great execution- bubbly, frisky and unerringly precise.

The double speed video is a wonderful, irreverent, surreal touch.

Wheelgrinder, so true. And Perry is all over that album, on second electric as well as the ukulele. I really like to think Eddie would have been tickled pink being around a player like Perry, soaking up his licks and tricks.


I met a guy one time that could play all of those little ditty's. Elly by the Cement pond, Elly ascending the stairway and Elly with her critters. It seemed like there were a lot of different ones but they were all lovely like this one. You did a fine job on this. Takes me back.


Thank you so much for listening - I love that you family had fun listening @RichB555 and I also love finding out more about the backstory of these songs from you all.

Best Andrew


Oh my goodness--thats brilliant. thank you for sharing


Forgot to mention the Les Paul sounds terrific, thick sweet honey.


I'm disappointed that no one posted a pic of ellie may by the c-ment pond. you guys afarid of being acu-sate-ed?


I'm disappointed that no one posted a pic of ellie may by the c-ment pond. you guys afarid of being acu-sate-ed?



Much better.

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