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I put together a solo guitar arrangement for Edelweiss by Rodgers and Hammerstein (1959). I tried to keep it simple and pure because it's that type of song. I don't think flashy guitar work suits it because it's supposedly modelled on an Austrian folk song even though in actual fact it was written by Richard Rodgers and isn't an Austrian folk song at allI also put in a string trio for a backing and sang the last verse although I didn't bother videoing me singing - that doesn't add much either - I'm no singer. I believe Chet Atkins would often sing to his own arrangements while he was working them out to keep them honest and 'hummable' - it also helps to keep the tempo original. If people can hum along to your solo guitar arrangement I think that's a positive.


Excellent Andrew! Extremely relaxing. Your keeping it simple adds to the enjoyment for me.


Thanks Dave and Crowbone - appreciate it and glad you enjoyed it!


Pretty tune,nicely played sir!


Thanks p2gee, Suprdave and JC!


Keeping it simple is absolutely the right approach for this. It's actually quite daring to just play and sing the song without hiding behind ornamentation and flash. There's something quite disarmingly direct with the way this hits home- emotional and quietly sentimental. It plays like a sigh.


I’m not crying, you’re...oh wait, I am crying. That songs rings so many emotional bells from long ago, it gets me every time. But you’re version is just lovely, thank you for starting my day off so nicely.


Beautifully done! The simplicity suits this so well.

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