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East Wind - Chet Atkins


Hey everyone, I thought I'd post this for you pickers out there. I was at the Chet convention recently and when I have the good fortune to meet up with Micah Yandell son of Paul who was Chet's right hand man for over 30 years he always complains to me that I haven't posted enough videos on my youtube lately lol. Apparently he likes them which is a shock to me as I didn't think anyone watched my videos haha so I posted this for Micah. I did a version of this before but this one has a picking solo I worked out for the break. My Kentucky friends are trying to get me to speak Southern so hope Y'all like it


Fabulous Paul! Excellent clean work on those rapid chord changes. Your addition fits in seamlessly BTW.


Thanks Dave, I'm going to include this one at the next pickers competition and work on similar kind of stuff which will hopefully help me to get a win.


Hey Paul, I met Micah, his wife and his mom as well as our own Richard Hudson a few years ago, they are all fine folks!


Paul, that's really fine. Nice, accurate, clean notes on the rapid chord changes. I'm glad you got to meet Micah, and hopefully his mother, Marie, also. Really fine folks. Micah is a protector, as his Dad was.


That was fabulous!


Man, that's the stuff. I sure hope you can at least come visit us at the Nashville roundup, this year.


Smooth, well controlled, bouncy pickin' - great stuff Paul!


Class sir,pure class!


Cheers guys. Micah and Marie are both great as is everyone you meet at CAAS . I'll definitely call in at the roundup Dave, thankfully it's the week before the competition.


I finally got a chance just now to listen to this piece Paul, wow, that was an excellent job on a difficult piece, smooth job on all those rapid chord changes!


In England, an east wind is bad news. In Taffyville, it's a portent of unbridled joy. When you play Chet songs, you always bring a little extra edge of excitement. Dancing over those chords you're like a little mountain goat springing up the ascent. Wonderful.


Love it! Clean pickin'!


That was beautiful, thanks for posting!


Superb! Nothing else to say, I really enjoyed it!


That was great Thanks.

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