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Didn’t make the band, but got a song…


I finally responded to a want-ad for a band. It said it was looking for a guitarist who could write "Americana" and alt country songs. Not sure what that meant, so I grabbed some lyrics from another song and re-worked the melody. I played it for them and they all hated it. But I like it.



Well the melody is good and the words are clever but I'm guessing the reason the band didn't like it is because they are trying to entertain people. Your lyrics are negative and depressing. It's a good song though.


Thanks, guys. Buddy, after reading your post, I spent the last half hour trying to write something happy. I'm drawing blanks so far. It's a combination of too many glasses of Buffalo Trace and decades of being stuck in a rut. But I feel like the gauntlet has been thrown. I truly appreciate the constructive criticism.


Oh man! I didn't want to sound like I was criticizing your song! I like it. Your lyrics are really clever. I was trying to give you an outsider's view of why the band may not have liked it. There is still plenty of room for the blues in music.

Edit: I just listened to it again for the third time and it gets better each listen. There is some humor and hope in there after all. I would want to play it. It's like a country Americana Replacements song or something. I wrote my previous post fast while at work. I feel I may be right about why the band didn't like it but I should have worded it differently.


There is definitely some tongue-in-cheek humor in your lyrics, Jopapa, but it would never be confused with an uplifting positive song. There is a place for a song like this. I am reminded a little bit of John Prine and how he could take a situation and make it somewhat humorous.

If you were able to somehow let the listener know from the very onset of the song that you were being humorous, I think that the song has potential. You definitely have a unique way with words.


Loved it, put me in mind of a grittier Lyle Lovett.


I take great delight in the shiny wrapper for a bitter pill.

Lovely bit of misdirection.


Thanks for listening. The sad truth is that I'm too much of a miserable sod to ever write something upbeat. But I still get happy when I hear "Walking on Sunshine."


Jopapa, liked the tune! It put me in mind of Dylan, but Prine is there too. Keep at it.

Don't think I've ever written what others would call a happy song, but I find happiness in them; just as I find it in your tune. There's something "happy", positive and deeply satisfying about coming to a decision about a relationship... more or less!

Again, I like the tune.


Happy songs are over-rated. I actually don't like "happy" music. It makes me sad because I feel I should be happy and I'm not. But funny sad songs are good, as are genuinely sad sad songs. Angry songs can be funny - listen to the Sex Pistols. And the Smiths were frequently funny when superficially they sounded sad.

I think the song is pretty good. A little more irony and it would be very cool. If the folks you played the song for were into Americana and didn't like the song it's because they wanted to write the songs themselves, and not you. Actually I don't really know because I find most stuff which gets called Americana is usually humourless boring stuff, much like stuff which gets called Alt Country. If it's actually any good it gets called country, rock'n'roll or blues. Or rockabilly/blues. Or country/blues.

A guy I know is massively into "Alt. Country" and his band is about as humourless and boring as I've ever heard. A few years ago he threw a big birthday party and assumed that everyone there would want to hear his band. So he had the party, everybody came along, then at around 10.30 his band started playing and everybody left. I don't think they ever noticed because being an "Alt. Country" band they were all looking at their feet.

Those folks probably did you a favour.

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