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Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time [Fingerstyle]


Recorded this over the weekend, having some fun with the playing to the echo tempo. I'm sure I botched up the song structure, but I had a lot of fun with it!


Nicely done. Good arrangement and choice of tones. What is the rig rundown?


Thanks! Here's the rig:

Epiphone Casino (open E) > Mr. Black Big Payback Compressor > Ibanez DE7 Delay > Strymon Flint Reverb > Silvertone 1484 (clone)

I'm not used to playing with this much delay, but it sounds neat and perhaps suits the 80s feel


That was very nice, Otter.


I like your sound here because it didn't sound like the '80's which was mostly large gooey globs of chorus with a bit of distortion. Your version is refreshingly free of that and takes the song into a new realm.


I love this song. Great job. Like the sound.


Very nicely done, great sound quality, rock solid tempo, the melody is clear and rises into the chorus. There's real heart in the performance.

You've managed to put your own distinctive playing personality into the song.


Thank you for the very kind comments, ade!

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