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Couple of old tunes for your perusal


Rachel and I have been having some fun trying to recreate that old crusty 50's sound. I can take no credit for any instrumentation here, they're just a couple of backing tracks we downloaded, I just downloaded the individual instruments and remixed it.

Rachel, of course, provides the delightful vocals.

Who's Sorry Now?

Where The Boys Are

Hope you enjoy them.


Those were awesome! Rachel absolutely has IT !

The music was spot on, too.


Great vocals and playing!


Spot on, Deke -- takes me right back. I hope Rachel was wearing the appropriate Connie Francis frock for the recording!


Boy, that brings back memories. Rachel is one of the best kept secrets. Great job.


Wow Deke!! That was terrific and really took me back. I love Rachel's voice. It has the clarity and fills-the-room tone not popular these day and that's the truly sad state of what's being called music these days. Songs with a story to tell.....what a concept.

Where the Boys Are was quite a movie in its day, and even today stands the test of time. Today, it's a time capsule into life back in the day, relating an American right of passage, that of college kids converging on Fort Lauderdale for the annual festivities and romance of Spring Break.

Spring break & Spring training for baseball were big events back then you just don't hear as much about today. Baseball is still covered intently by the Sports networks but gets barely a mention on the regular news. Spring Break? it even happening these days?

I'll contend these two songs wouldn't have the same tug at our memories if it weren't for Rachel's exquisite delivery of them. They took me back instantly as soon as she started singing. Thanks for the memories.


Thanks Dave, Rachel will be touched with that.

We actually watched the film on Netflix at the weekend. Somewhat ahead of its time in the whole sexual-liberation-for-girls attitude, but it has a nasty turn towards the end so clearly designed as a moral tale...


Dare I say it?

Hell, yes. Rachel did a better job than the original.

Cracking versions.


Ha! Well that's awfully kind thank you, I shall pass that on.


Man does that gal have a set of pipes on her!


That she does Farmer B, that she certainly does!

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