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Chet Atkins tremolo / vibrato


Hey Chet fans, Give a listen to Chet's tune "Dark At The Top of the Stairs". Strange title and it sounds more like a cowboy western song. In this tune Chet uses 2 different sounding tremolo or vibrato effects, and as usual quite effectively. I was wondering if anyone recognizes these effects and maybe what amp he might have used. Maybe a Magnatone. Doesn't sound very "Fender-ish" to me. I know back in the day he used a tweed Pro and a Deluxe and of course the Standel. Probably only the Deluxe might have had tremolo. Jis wunderin'!! Anyway, give'r a listen. You will like it! Steve


Well, I guess there is no link! There are no videos of Chet on YouTube playing this tune so I guess the question is for all you die hard Chet fans with an extensive collection of his records and recordings. Sorry I didn't say that right up front. It's a great tune and there are some orchestral arrangements on the 'tube, just no Chet version at this time.


Which Chet record is it on?


A short sample from that tune is available at this Amazon ad:



I have the tune on a CD but don't know how to upload this tune to the Gretsch Pages. Somebody tell me how and I'll put it on. Thanks!!


This tune is from the collection "Chet Atkins - Mister Guitar The Complete Recordings 1955-1960. Hopefully someone besides me has a copy of this and knows how to share this tune with everyone. I relate to Will Rogers: "I was born ignert and been loosin' ground ever since"!!

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