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Chet Atkins - Freight Train Cover


Elizabeth Cotten wrote 'Freight Train' at the beginning of the 20th century and Chet Atkins recorded this version in 1964 on his album 'Guitar Country'.

On this version Chet starts of in the Key of F with a capo! and modulates to the key of C. Aside from drums there's piano, electric piano and acoustic guitar for the backing and I used my Gretsch for Chet's part.


Love it, so much space. The final verse is just so, so nice. Chet's chord melody work is one of my favourite elements of his entire technique range.


Great Monday morning watch here in the UK, sounded great.


Taste, touch, tone, the whole package. Enjoyed this very much. Thanks for sharing ...


Man, that was sweet. Thanks for sharing.


Nothing about that wasn't just great and easy on the ears. Well done!


Thank you everyone - really glad you all enjoyed it!


Very nice Andrew! A good little toe-tapper in honor of Chet.


Nicely done. Anyone not familiar with Elizabeth Cotten should google her.


Even when you just strum an open C chord, it sounds just like Chet. I'm not even being slightly cute here, he had a distinctive way of cutting through the chord and you do it just the same!


I always like hearing your Chet covers, MrAstro.


Very nice Andrew, I bought that album in '64 when I started guitar lessons. It is what really turned me on to Chet who I still love listening to today.

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