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well i tried to purchase a country gent at Sweetwater and to my surprise i could not get a double cutaway with a supertronic TV Jones pick up.Strangely they will only sell it with the single cutaway.And will not do a special request.Gretsch just lost the sale i think spending over $3,000 they would accommodate the request.any input on this? As a curtsey Sweetwater did offer to replace the neck filter tron if i supplied just seems lame Gretsch wouldn't offer it.


It seems that your expectaions are more than a little unrealistic.


Gretsch didn't loose a sale, Sweetwater did.

Buy the guitar and have the Supertron installed, sell the Filtertron, Done.


I think I go along with Tubs here.


Yup. For better or worse that's just not how the guitar industry works. Of course it will cost more to change the spec of a guitar. That's what custom shops are for. I'm sure the Gretsch custom shop will sell you exactly what you want.

Oh, and FWIW a "curtsey" is what women do when they see the queen.


Sweetwater sells stock guitars. Gretsch builds stock guitars.

You are looking for a custom version of a stock guitar. No manufacturer builds all combinations of all of their guitars.

Agree with Tubs -- your expectations are unrealistic. VERY unrealistic.


There are a couple of ways to get exactly what you want. One, Custom Shop, and, two, mod a guitar yourself to get what you want. You won't get custom tailoring on an off the rack suit.


The solution couldn't be more simple. Buy the guitar and change what you want.


As a curtsey Sweetwater did offer to replace the neck filter tron if i supplied...

Frankly, that surprises me. That alone is going above and beyond for a big retailer, IMO.

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