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Charade on 5420 with TV’s


Posted this on Gretsch Talk last week, but wanted to share it here as well. Thanks for watching! TV Classic, neck position, though Mystery Brain and Fender DRRI


Very nice guitar work sir!


Your AWESOME video and playing reminded me of two things. 5420s are great guitars, and I have no business calling myself a guitar player.


Delightful. Somewhere in the great beyond Johnny Hartman is smiling down upon you!


Hoot Owl, Buddy Hollywood, Mr. Christopher, Baba Joe, Junior Q Man and Suprdave, thanks you so much for the comments! It is inspiring! Ashamed to have not heard of Johnny Hartman's version. WOW! (here is a link to his version) Link


Very nice work! Nice and clean and smooth.


Windsordave and JCHiggy, thank you very much. Means a lot coming from (all) of you!!!!


That was great! Flatwounds? Great tone and playing.


hilosean, I have wanted to try flat wounds on this Gretsch but haven't yet. These are actually D'Addario EXL110W's. Thank you very much for the comment!!!


Nice sound. The more I hear these new 5420s the more I think about picking one up. The limited edition ones with the red tops and gold back and sides are especially appealing. Nice playing too, BTW.


Nice playing. And an interesting arrangement, too. Thanks for posting.


Journeyman and Jim, thanks for the comments. Yes, the 5420's, to my way of thinking, are a great value. I like the neck on mine as much as any guitar I've got. it took replacing the pickups to TV's, before I really bonded with the guitar. It is a great gigging guitar too, sounds good, plays great.


That sounds great, I really enjoyed listening.

And you appeared to enjoy playing that tune, too!


geoguy, thanks! Yes, that tune, now that it is under my fingers, is a blast to play! Thanks for the comment!


A very nice and well played arrangement, I enjoyed it very much! I have a 5422, and after hearing this, I think I want to swap out the pickups for TV Jones. Thanks for making me smile!


Thank you Wade. Good luck with the 5422 (nice guitar). I just snipped/soldered the new pickups in, and wonder how much an improved wiring harness and new pots etc.. would improve it even more...

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