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Buckaroo - Buck Owens and the Buckaroos


Excellent. Like others here, brings back memories of watching Buck and the Buckeroos on TV. Don Rich was of my first guitar heroes.


What is there left to add to all of that, Taffy? Simply superb! The tone of your Tele fairly sizzles. You play that thing like it is supposed to be played.


I've had that tune in my head since I read the first post. I guess I made the mistake of practising it (I'd give myself 4/10).


Thanks again everyone. Seems a few here have neglected Telecasters they should give some attention to, they need love too

– Taffy

Yes, I can't deny it, guilty as charged. I only ever used it on two recordings, and didn't pursue it because the small body size is uncomfortable for me - tall guys with bad backs don't match up with telecasters too well, unfortunately. I love their tone though, they are very versatile, they can do everything from chicken pickin' through blues through smooth jazz, and sound good on them all.

Again - great version of this classic from you Paul, really enjoyable to see as well as hear. :)

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