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Happy Birthday Parabar!


Happy Birthday greetings are wished to that man of many talents, the band glue that holds together every Northern California Roundup, the man of immense Bay Area music history knowledge, the man with the impeccable knowledge of music theory and structure, ... I could go on and on and on.

Most of all, he is just the nicest guy that any of us GDPers could be fortunate enough to know. I am one of the lucky ones who actually gets to know the guy behind all of his wonderful posts on here.

Parabar, here is hoping that your birthday will be one of the absolute best.


All of the above is true! Happy birthday to one of the coolest people to ever appear at a Roundup!


Happy Birthday Parabar, Wish you the best!


Happy Birthday from a ways north of you!


Many happy returns.


Here's to ya, bub. Hope you had a swell day.


Have a great B-day!


Happy B-Day, Parabar . . . I always make a point of reading your posts.


Happy Birthday. Always appreciate your point of view! Enjoy it.


Happy Birthday Parabar!


Enjoy your day!


Happy Birthday Parabar. Burch and Linda


Thanks everyone! It's been a wonderful day (with a few more hours to go), and logging on to find all your good wishes is making me a little verklempt ….talk amongst yourselves … I'll give you a topic ... The Gretsch Country Gentleman is neither Country nor a Gentleman. Discuss.

Seriously though, I really appreciate this online community, and the connections I've made here, both online and in person. Allay'all are the best!


Happy Birthday, a day late.....

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