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Bolero Marchal


Weird, atmospheric, exotic - the world will always need things like this. I just listened to it three times through, and I enjoyed each listen better than the one before it. Great work Ade :)


It sounds great Ade!

I've been enjoying this one and your other tracks on soundclound mate.

You always deliver an excellent vibe, music that works well as just ...well, music, ....but your tracks always have a great visual energy to them.

Great stuff man!


Thank you all for having a listen and for your encouraging feedback. I have so much respect for your considerable playing abilities and am very grateful that you set a little time aside for this wee tune.

Much appreciated, sincere thanks.


Wow, Adrian! That is beautiful!


Allow me to add my voice to the chorus here. There's always a lot of soul in your work. Greetings from the Isle of Wight!


Great to hear from you JC, Danman dropping by too and Joss- what a lovely surprise. Not seen you about for the longest time.

Thank you all for having a listen and for your positive remarks. I'm amazed that so many of you have had the inclination to say, "Yes, I think I will listen to the Bolero." Genuinely amazed!


Hello Adrian, I'm still around, browsing posts mostly. I have less to come up with constructive contributions than I used to, so rather than adding "Yeah / Nice / Good job / I disagree" and the like, I tend to abstain.

Unless the thread gives me an opportunity to say hi to buddies! And in this specific case, I'll include Dan in the greetings. Hope you fine people are good.


Great job, Adrian. Very inventive and melodic but never predictable. Love it!

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