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Black Falcon Rancher In Action


This was part of a performance by the Nestlé Choir, a choral group composed of people I work with at the Nestlé USA headquarters in Glendale, CA. The choir has been around for 26 years, and I've been in it for most of them. This is a duet with a woman from the Supply Chain team whom I've worked with for about 11 years, who is a tremendous singer in her own right.

Because the headquarters is moving east to Arlington, VA next year, this was the choir's last performance, so I wrote a new final verse, challenging the people in the new location to form a choir there. So in case you don't recognize the lyrics to the last verse, that's why.

And here's a quartet made up of 3 IT guys and a Sales reporting analyst:


Very tasty guitar accompaniment and singing. The second song was nicely sung by all.

Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing this.


That is the spirit of the holidays!! Great performance!


You made my day Frank. Happy Holidays!

(Nice guitar break)


The female half of your duet has a big voice, particularly for a small lady!

Nice job, all of you!

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