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I'd love to hear y'all do "Long Cool Woman In a Black Dress" , it is my favorite Hollies song!


That was great guys, I especially liked the Badfinger song, not because they were a band from Wales and I am too of course. Dai iawn (very good) as they would have said (In Welsh)


hello we may get together next week at some point and do that hollies tune long cool woman you mention . will post it here if so thanks


hello we may get together next week at some point and do that hollies tune long cool woman you mention . will post it here if so thanks

– g6120

That would be cool, g6120. But, my preference, for whatever that's worth (not much, I acknowledge), would be a song that is rich in vocal harmonies. Long Cool Woman, as great a song as it is, isn't really full of harmonies. And the Hollies were all about harmonies.


The vocals are great.


We were thinking about another tune as well a Hollies tune Look through any window that has some interesting harmonies . We started that at one point but for some reason starting working on a different song . So your right Ric 12 string it would make more sense if your going to work on a tune it might as well have some harmony . Would like to do Baby Blue by Badfinger that's one of my favorite songs that would be fun to do also .


Hello! Is there anybody out there?

Am I the ONLY one in a time warp? G6120 posted this topic 4 years ago; Taffy responded in #27 4 years ago. Then G6120, as though nothing had been amiss, posted in post #28 3 HOURS ago about a gathering that I see has not been previously discussed.

Holy Batman; what's up, Boys! Secret handshake or something?


Have not gotten back together since we did those tunes but we have talked about doing and so I apologize if I brought this topic up again . Haven't been around in awhile was looking over a few older posts and some new ones as well .


I agree that your focus should be on tunes with great harmonies. Whoever is mixing your vocals has a very keen ear for balance!! With respect to great Beatles harmony tunes there's a ton to choose from. One that sprang to mind was I'll Follow The Sun. Your group could do that in a walk! With the way this group gels, I'd get some stuff recorded, it's that good!


No apologies necessary. It was great revisiting these. Your welcome to post any of your new recordings here, as well.


Loved 'em before, love 'em now. LCW would be great LTAW and Baby Blue would be great too. Beatle songs with iconic riffs such as I Feel Fine and Daytripper would be icing on the cake.


If you intend to select a harmony-rich song, you can't really go wrong in mining either the Beatles songbook or that of the Hollies. For me, however, I would love to hear a Hollies song. Alan Clarke and Graham Nash's voices fit together like hand in glove. And you simply don't find many people attempting to sing one of their songs.

EDIT: Look Through Any Window is certainly a classic with lots of variety in the vocal parts. Are you familiar with the Hollies song Long Dark Road? That could be a fun one to take on. The harmonies are rich in that one.


I am really impressed. Thank you.


Very, very nice! Thank you!


Vocals are spot on! Yes it is, yes it is, yes it is...

Both of these songs are fun to listen to. My main problem usually with Beatles covers are the vocals but not with you. Your voice sounds great and you have mastered the art of double tracking. Your friend Cathy did admirable on the drums too especially for someone who is not a drummer. I wish I would have been able to track the drums with you.


Thanks for the kind words I very much appreciate your thoughts we have a great bunch of talented folks here no question about that . Ive got a 25 track recorder here at home and have some original tunes as well . Most are not finished some are just ideas but its fun laying tracks down and listening to the play backs . Hope to finish a few and post them in the near future and needless to say the have a Beatles influence in my compositions . Thanks again !

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