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Beatles Paperback Writer Cover


Here is a cover song we did and were not a band just got together a few hours one evening to record a couple of tunes just for the fun of it . They asked me to do the lead vocals . We also did a Badfinger tune as well just thought I would share it with you folks .



There is an expression here in the States...called a "ringer", that being said...what is the whole story given all your ages and core skills?

Very nice cover of Paperback...

Now to listen to the Badfinger tune...


Very nice. I could swear you had posted this video previously?!?

I love the lead vocal. Very McCartney-esque.


I like them both! Vocals are very nicely done. Sounds great!


This was posted some time ago, but probably lost in "The Great Crash of 2014." Thanks for posting it again. Wonderful!!!


Yes, I also recall this from the original posting. Good work.

Is it safe to assume that you were working with some kind of tracks, g6120? I ask only because I don't see any bass player, nor do I see a lead guitarist playing the repeating riff on Paperback Writer.


Did you guys record the breakdown ("Paperback writer, writer, writer...) once and copy/ paste it again for the second time it comes around? If so, great job!

It kind of sounds like you say "Taper" instead of "Paper" on those two parts. Or, I'm probably just coo-coo for paper puffs.

Again, great job and I really enjoyed this.


The Badfinger cut brought a smile to my face. Always have loved that song. Nice job.


Great job g6120!


Your thoughts are very kind its appreciated very much . We as mentioned are not a band just decided to get together one evening to record a couple of tunes . Actually the bass parts were done on the piano by Rob with a split keyboard and we had no one to play the drums so it was decided Cathy would fill that spot and she really is not a drummer but did a nice job for us .

The guitar player Kit has played in many bands over the years very talented and then there is me who they decided would just do the vocal lead . It was a fun time for us and we may gather again in the future but it would most likely be original tunes .

I may have very well posted these here previously Im not certain . Love the Beatles and always have been a fan of Badfinger they both have been a big influence with me .


So, just so that we are clear, no tracks of any kind were used?

You guys did a crackerjack job on it, in any event.

What was your thinking in having things break completely down between verses and chorus/verse, rather than carry it on through like on the original? It does add some emphasis to it somehow, which can be a good thing.


We rehearsed the tunes worked them out musically then the same for the harmony parts and so on and just recorded the songs live real time . We recorded them and it took a few times until we felt they were ok and the video was taken from the various takes then edited .


Very nice, thanks for reposting.


Sounds great! You guys rocked Paperback Writer. Thanks for sharing.


Spot on. Great playing, great lead singing, great harmonies. Kudos and more kudos.


Great job, folks !!! I really love the vocals, you've got some "Macca like" in your own voice don't you ?


Very well done! Pro sounding.


I remember seeing both videos previously, and I'll echo everyone else, superb job on both songs!


Love the Beatles and if we get together again like to do more maybe a few Hollies tunes as well they have been a favorite band .


Both extremely well done by all involved.

Thanks for sharing them.


Hollies would be just great. One of my favorite British Invasion groups.

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