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Another one - Barely Alive


Damn. I knew it was either "and rhyme" or "in rhyme". I had a 50/50 chance, and I whiffed again! Ha ha.

Seriously though, thanks for such a thoughtful and thorough response. I mean, that's what I call a great post.

I'm going to send you a PM, but in the meantime I hope this thread will keep going.


Hmm... sent the PM earlier today, and then began to wonder if I know how PM's are supposed to work on this site. It appears that they work differently than on other forums where I've been a member. Can't seem to find much info about the subject here, either. I see no particular location to monitor for a reply, and I see nothing in my settings options about allowing or blocking PM's. Can't find any helpful info in the "About the Gretsch Pages" forum... no stickies about it, no instructions, and the only threads I found concerning PM's were dead ends from months ago. Am I missing something?


I received your PM and responded a short while ago


Toxo, I didn't comment more because Jim said everything and I couldn't add more. If you are writing out some chords/tab for this song I would love to have a copy as well for all the reasons Jim said.


I sent Jim the lyrics but I can do some tab too Always interesting to do The verse is more orchestrated on guitar while the chorus is played more freely I'll give it a shot Thanks!


Bernard, what's not to like about your music? I've become a strong fan of the Colorifics, you didn't grow on me, I liked you from the start. It's great music and the band seems to have a great chemistry. You had me at "Never You Mind", which was the first video I saw/heard from you.

Please don't let a negative comment or down vote get under your skin. Regardless of what or how it happened, you have many fans here, who genuinely appreciate and admire what you're doing. You have something unique and special to offer to your fans, please take heart and continue to share your music with us.

As fellow guitarists, we can appreciate that you're great at what you do. You have a keen songwriting ability, and back it up with impeccable musicianship. Thank you for sharing your work with us, please continue to post your videos. I for one, am very grateful that you do.


Hey, thanks very much. That's very kind of you!

My drummer has been editing the videos and sadly his father just passed away. So I'm giving him as much time as he wants, to get back into it.

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