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Another Duet from Holger Bogen and me


Once more, via the wonders of modern technology, Holger and I have put together another tune, in spite of never having met each other in person. We even managed a video this time (Holger is the good looking one). The tune is 'Panhandle Rag' - hope you enjoy it!



Very good! I think Holger is playing a G5129. What guitar model are you playing?


Thanks Baba Joe :)

I'm playing a G5122, with TVJones Classics. In addition, the Bigsby has been removed and replaced with a standard G-style tailpiece. I have a 2003 Double Anniversary, but to be honest, I actually prefer the G5122.


Man, that'll get your foot tapping. Very cool!


Thanks NSM. I thought that was a G5122. I have one as well with Duotrons and G5125 with stock Dearmond 2000 pickups. I think Holger changed out his pickups. Rather than ramble on, I was simply noticing to myself the similarity between your guitars and mine. Unfortunately for me, that's where the similarities end. . Great playing by both of you. . You guys could be spokesmen for Electromatics imo.


Brilliant ,you two should do an album!


Loved it. L-O-V-E-D it!

A little distracting at first until I realized that the sound was reversed from the images. Great playing and supporting each other.


That, sirs, is A-1 first-class double-deluxe in every way. That's as enjoyable as any guitar duet I ever heard.

Beautiful tone, great feel, astute and natural musical choices at every turn, never forced or precious or showy, devoid of flash for the sake of flash - but great licks and phrasing everywhere. As Don said, excellent mutual support - responsive, interactive, interwoven, you'd swear you'd grown up playing together.

Classy. Tasty. Durn consummate!

Make an album. Relaxed, listenable, and yet packed with musical content. That's hard to find.


I so like it when things like this happen. Big fan!


A sensational duet to be sure, fellows. Just gave it a thumbs up and comment on YouTube. Not only is your playing superb but the tempo is spot-on perfect for a toe-tapper. Your playing has very high entertainment value.


That was impressive! Love that western swing.


You really do click so well together. Neither of you has to prove a thing to one another, or anybody listening- the better to let the pure joy of the music cut through like a whetted knife.


If only once in my life I could play that well... Excellent job gentlemen.


Awesome! I find it amazing that you two have never met. You play like you learned guitar together.


That's one of the most professional performances I've listened to on the GDP. Just awesome, guys! Tone. Feel. Timing. Fun!


I can't believe this one almost escaped me and have to get to the "Your Tunes" section more. I loved this so much and for so many reasons. First the music. I mean that it has feeling and great technical detail. Then there's the tone. Oh yes, I loved the neck pickups working hard for you guys there. The teamwork. How can it be this good? This is one question I don't need answered because the enjoyment of listening to this repeatedly kills the curiosity.


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