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And a Cha Cha! - The Colorifics - Cha Cha Chance


Here's a Cha Cha also off our recent album. This one was fun to write as I like bouncy rhythmic guitar and harmonies a lot. For the audio of this one, strangely tracks for the overheads and tom mikes, and the dry guitar sound all cutout. So...the cowbell comes from the drummers vocals mike. The tom from the bass players vocal mike. The guitar is just the echo channel(which is dry and echo mixed but mostly echo) and the leslie channel. A challenging mix! great close up of the Convertible..I'm in love with it all over again!


This is up to your usual good standard. Also, it looks like you have sealed the deal for a new #1. That guitar looks and sounds great.


Thanks I like it a lot. I was just rehearsing on it tonight for a house concert thing this eve and I came to the conclusion that it's a good mix of what I used to dream of in guitar aesthetically combined with the sound I've come to love (Very much like my tennessean, hilotrons) Plays really nice, though a bit harder than the Tennessean which is short scale and has a REALLY fast neck) but still really nice. I wonder if there's any full size archtop with a short scale neck..(besides the byrdland..which I would love)


I always enjoy these posts of your band Toxo, you have a terrific groove. I dig your guitar style, and of course, your choice of guitars. I shared this and the last one, Never You Mind, with my wife, she was very impressed as well. Please, keep them coming!

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