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Well.....I practised 'All of Me' in a finger style arrangement, sat down to record it, and on my first pass, my index fingernail went flying across the room and I thought I'd have to abandon the attempt till later. But.... instead of abandoning it, I dug out a plectrum and recorded a swing style version of it instead. I may come back to it later and do the fingerstyle version but for now, this is what I ended up with - All of Me

Played on my Double Anniversary, recorded straight into Logic on a Mac.


Wow...that is mighty fine playing! I love the swing style and you really voiced your personality through the playing. I loved the tone and the upbeat tempo was flawless.

I'll be a repeat customer and listen to this one many times!


Great! That was the first song I learned as a kid taking lessons many years ago. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out like your version. Really liked it.


Excellent version! I love the way it swings and always has a surprising twist throughout Very clean playing regardless the note values and a very high entertainment value performance. I'd sure like to hear the fingerstyle version!


Yessir, that’s slick pickin’. Witty phrasing and occasional intervallic jumps hold the attention.

Drums from a program? How much drum programming was necessary to set up the rhythm bed?


Thanks folks! I always appreciate folks listening and taking the time to comment.

Proteus - the drum part for this one was fairly simple, it only uses 5 or 6 patterns, plus a few "hits" for the stops and starts. It took around 15 minutes. In tunes where the drums are either more prominent or where there are lots of "hits" required, it can take a lot longer - it really does vary a lot depending on what tune is being played, and how complex the arrangement is.

The software I used for the drums on this track is EZDrummer, made by Toontrack. When I need a bigger sound, with more scope for mixing, I write the basic rhythm on EZDrummer, and then use another programme, Superior Drummer, for the extra sounds and greater control over the individual kit.

While I'm doing the 'tech talk' bit, I'll just mention that the bass part is from Band in a Box; I played the electric guitar part on a Double Anniversary, the 6117HT version - the acoustic guitar part I played on a Godin 5th Avenue arch top.


Top shelf playing & arranging, sir!


Great stuff Neil, you've been practicing the chops I hear


Thanks a lot guys :)

Paul - my plectrum chops have been getting more of a workout than usual lately; I'm always more of a fingerpicker than a plectrum guy but I've put heavier strings on my 6117HT recently, and that's had the knock-on effect of an improvement in my accuracy with a pick. So when my fingernail broke off when I started recording this tune, it just seemed like maybe it was time I recorded with a plectrum in my hand, so I got the 6117 out and got on with it. I'll keep the heavier strings on it, my other Gretsch is lightly strung so I now officially have a plectrum guitar and a fingerpicking one :)


Constantly inventive, spontaneous, confident, surprising and eloquent. That's how to play jazz guitar.

It's always such a pleasure to hear you play.


Thanks Ade - it's always such a pleasure to read your posts ;)


Thanks, Zigracer and GaryL

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