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And another - Love’s Biology


This is the title track off of our latest cd. Exploring how what we sometimes call love is often mixed up with biological imperatives....or something like that. One of the few songs I've written that I made up in my head walking down the street. And then struggled to find it on guitar afterwards. If I had piles of money I'd pay to have a proper big band play along with the choruses as that's the general vibe I was going for.

– jeffed

Yes I can see the similarity in the verse. I am very familiar with and enjoy this song, more the Ella Fitzgerald version as I was never a big Fred Astaire Fan. I'm a big fan of Cole Porter , Gershwin etc. Humourously I hadn't thought of the similarity before.

Unconcious mimicry is certainly a pitfall of songwriting, however I usually think of it as a tip of the hat to the giants in whose footsteps we walk. I can't help but wonder what strictly blues/country/rockabilly writers go through around this dilemma?


It's cool to be eclectic, gathering influences from different genres.


Thanks, I appreciate that. Admittedly my motivation lies more in expanding my horizons, and keeping my own, my bands's and the audience's interest. Why draw from one or two sources when there is a whole world and a rich history of music to draw from ? It's good to have a focus though. I use the instrumentation and overall format for that.

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