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A swingy waltz - (broken link fixed)


EDIT - The broken link has now been corrected, and the audio file is now available again.

I heard this tune on radio played by Fats Waller a couple of weeks back. It's a tune I learned years ago from a Chet album, where he played it with the Boston Pops Orchestra, and I'd pretty much forgotten it existed till I heard Waller's version, which is in fact the original. Not having an orchestra to hand, I speeded it up a little and jazzed it up a lot and to cut a long story short, you can listen to it HERE


Wow! Sweet! Thanks for sharing.


Very Chet-ish - straight to start with then shifting into a jazz arrangement in the middle.


Pretty cool sir!

Always loved Chet's version,it sounds so luscious with the Pops.


Wonderful, Sir. I love it. I like the jazzy jazz stuff. I even like it speeded up the way you did. My little rinky dink speakers here at work didn't do it justice, I'm sure, but it still sounded fine.


Killer playing! Great handfuls of toothsome chords and some slick licks, all wrapped up in a loose swing with natural feel.

Superb tone, too! What guitar/amp?


That's a fun tune!

Do you have another album in the works?


Thanks for the kind comments folks :)

Proteus - the guitar is a G5122, with TV Jones Classics. No amp was involved, it was recorded directly into Garageband on a Mac laptop; I used the neck pickup wide open, with a little bridge pickup mixed in, and the whole thing was run through a software simulation of a Binson Echorec into Garageband's VoxAC30 model.

geoguy - yes, I'm working on an album at the moment. I've posted versions of some of the tracks here in fact; I expect it to be available later this year - I can't yet be specific because it's likely that I'll be moving house at some point, but it will happen. Also, there's another youtube video in the pipeline in the occasional series of collaborations I've been doing with Holger Bogen, that should be along fairly soon.

Finally - sorry about the broken link to the sound file, it's now fixed and the file is available again.


Beautiful tone and such a vivacious bounce. Love how you did this Neil. Just fabulous.

A waltz is the secret key to understanding how to swing.

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