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A psychobilly version of Tico Tico


Very nice! You know I´m obsessed with "Tico Tico"... :)

I Love it!


I almost started Cumbia dancing!


Quite a few of of seem to be on a bit of a Latin kick of late.

Great control of the sinewed, weaving melody; strong rhythmic drive too. Nicely played with a cool tone.

On the tone subject- in your quest for a new pickup I suggested staying with a Filtertron-style humbucker, perhaps experimenting with one of the other flavours. It's because you play live with a fair amount of gain. I really think you'd miss the silent, zero-interference performance of a humbucker in these environments.


Ade: Thanks, for the critical ear. I really appreciate it. I think you're right about sticking with a humbucker...every time I've ever tried any version of a single coil it hasn't gone well because I'm a gain player.

honestly, I feel like this wouldn't even be a question if i could find another PAF. They're just so friggin rare!


Joao! I'm obsessed with it too! I wanna get it "up to speed"... like the paco de lucia version!

but I'm not quite there yet!


Filters are safe but I think a P90 with a good cap might give you another voice. With that said, I have two P90 equipped guitars in the shop and the players are looking for options to cancel the hum.

SD make a modern stacked unit that works well that you can push / pull from single to hum no more but I know you're working the vintage rode.


It is such a great song. My band has started playing it as well.


Thanks BuddyH! I'm hoping with our gigs coming up I can post a few versions of it, so i can see the improvement. We got to play with The Living Deads that night and they were it ended up being that thing where I'm a little hard on myself.

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