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A Jazzy Tune


I put together a jazzy chord progression and hand it out to singer friend of mine (Mariam). She composed the melody and got her sister to write the lyrics. Recorded in my "bedroom studio". It was quite an experience to hear the vocals for the first time. So happy to have such a talented singers to play with.

Edit: seems that embedding of the video is not allowed, so have to be watched in youtube.


Like that. Lovely singing and music


Very nice, very relaxing. Great to hear an excellent voice instead of the garbage that masquerades as music these days.


Thanks for nice comments!

Yesterday was special day as some of top finnish jazz musicians performed the song with Mariam. These are guys who have studied jazz (Manhattan School of Music in New York and Berklee College of Music in Boston etc.) and toured in US. Quite a treat to hear them playing "my song"


Another original (or maybe not so original) tune co-written with the singer, that started as quite typical jazz bossa nova, but evolved at mixing phase to something bit different.


Nice. Kind of reminds me of something Toxophilite and the Colorifics might do.


Yet another original jazzy or is it swing tune.

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