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A couple of tunes for ya.


Hey all. When I recorded the video for Mr B I also did 2 others so having just added them to my Youtube I thought you might like to take a look/listen. They're both originals so hope you like.

Adelaide - I was chatting to my Oz mate Hincksy (MrAstro) and said "I'd like to name this tune for our friendship, where do you live again"? "Sydney", he said. "OK, I'll call it Adelaide" haha.

Day On A Lake - is a song I wrote years ago and decided to do a fingerpicking version of so thats pretty much it. One other thing is it's in open G minor tuning for anyone interested.


Both are great. Adelaide sounds like Jerry Reed, to me.

Love the rag feel of Lake.

Well done, once again, Paul.


Terrific stuff once again Paul!! I particularly love the get-up-and-go bassline of Day on a Lake.


Very enjoyable, Taffy. And I hope you are getting your talented playing out in public venues nowadays.


Taffy, you're an amazing player. You always play what I like to hear. Wonderfully done.


Man, you finger pickers make it look so easy. Those were great, Paul.


Beautiful, Taffy. Thank you!


Beautiful! I agree with JW, Lake is very Scott Joplin. Would love to hear it with a guitar MIDI triggering a decent piano module.


Superb as always Paul!

So, is the album any closer?


Good work as always Paul.

I particularly enjoyed Day on a Lake, it's a bit different from anything else I've heard from you, a really classy bit of writing and playing.


The air of relaxed confidence that pervades both of these pieces is so appealing.

Expressed fully in the jocular banter of calling Mr Astro's tune Adelaide. That had me laughing!


Man, that was wonderful! Not just technically, but such happy music. I was still feeling grouchy after being stuck in an NJ commute-from-hell last night. Now, I'm all smiles!


Hey guys thanks so much for the good words. Jo if I removed your grouch then I consider that Job Done mate

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