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A couple of Jerry Reed Telecaster tunes


Thought I'd post these for my fellow Reed fans and those don't know they are yet Hope ya like.


Awesome playing, Taffy! Great Tele tone too! What is the guitar (sorry, couldn't make out headstock decal)?
Really enjoyed that! Great way to start my day, hearing those! Thanks for posting!


Aiieee a REAL guitar player! Very humbling.


Fantastic guitar playing Taffy, I'm a huge Jerry Reed fan. I got hooked way back with Amos Moses, I had the 45 as a kid and played the heck out of it. I remember thinking "how in the world is he playing that"? I was only in about the 5th grade, and it never dawned on me that he was plucking with his fingers!


Great fun Taffy. Both pieces have that confident snap. The little behind-the-nut bends are so effective. You seem to really relax with the Telecaster, with the compression magnifying the lightest touch. You make it seem like a very easy ride. And of course it isn't, but you sure make it seem that way!


Bendigedig (excellent) Taffy

Love your playing and your tone.

Curious to know what make that guitar is 'cos it looks an awful lot like a Dearnaley Taff Delta...


Excellent! Very clean and pure, like a Tele should be played.


Outstanding, Pablo. Turned On turns me on. I can almost see Freddie King.


Both are great tunes Paul that I don't think I'd heard before.

You just make it look so effortless, terrific playing my friend!


Dang Taffy, that's some mighty fine pickin'


Great,my Tele is giving me dirty looks now!

Superb as always sir.


Those were both great Paul!


I do love your playing and these are definitely not the exceptions. Well done!


Thanks a lot guys as always. Metman it's a Dave Dearnaley guitar as Shuggie rightly guessed. Made in Wales by a good friend of mine I've known since I was a kid and he was just starting out. I got it in about 1995 when we were both playing in the same band and I had a Rick 330. I wanted to get back to a Tele having played one for a long time before and he'd just made the guitar so it was inevitable I go check it out and it was love at first Twang!!!


"Technical command" + tone + talent = Taffy's playing!!!! I've learned this with all of your posts you gift us with but these were especially cool to see it in action. Your magic is played with such ease that it invites ( vs. intimidates) any guitar player to try and tackle "the tough stuff" with a lot of practice.

You are talented Taffy and I do so much appreciate your any good music, it's good for the soul! Thanks for posting!


Snap Taffy, here's mine.

Of the several hundred guitars I've reviewed since 2001, my Dearnaley is one of only 2 I ended up buying because I couldn't bring myself to part with it.

"Love at first twang indeed".

Dave spent a couple of hours at my place last week. These days he's building acoustics of his own design and he wanted me to try out a couple of prototypes. Really really good!


Ok, first one didn't upload


Great stuff Paul, I particularly enjoyed the pure "swagger" of Turned On - lovely playing!


Thanks for that NJ, Neil.

Shuggie that looks nice and I know it'll play great. Dave told me the other day he was doing more acoustics lately and from the pics he sent me they look good. How did they play?

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