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A Calypso Tune - OH Ah


Here's another one from the same gig. I've always been a huge Harry Belafonte fan. When I was young my parents had the album Calypso but in a set of 45s. They got a lot of usage. Jump in The Line, Jamaican Farewell. Man Smart Woman Smarter, Day Oh, etc. Great stuff! As this band was a good vehicle for a bunch of styles, I wrote this deliberately non-sensical two chord number in the Harry Belafonte style simply to have a fun live dance tune and capture some of that infectious vibe.


That was very fun and the Convertible sounds great. Is that a Leslie speaker rollin' and tumblin' there?


Yup a little two-speed leslie yanked from an Yamaha Organ and put inside a little cage so it's counterweight wouldn't remove unwary fingers at high speed. .These are the same speakers used in the old Yamaha Leslie style amps. . I also have an upright paint can shaped one from a Baldwin organ that spins horizontally. I've used both live simultaneously hoping to cover all dimensions with leslie sound but it was really a bit much.... Nothing beats having something actually going round and round on stage. If it makes sound, even better!


A catchy song, well-executed and well-presented. Congrats!


Great playing, great sound.


Quite likable once again.

Also, I have a crush on Sarah.


Great tune, great playing all around. Thanks for posting.


Do you have two Hi Lo Trons on your guitar? Is this a mod or is it the normal configuration?


Do you have two Hi Lo Trons on your guitar? Is this a mod or is it the normal configuration?

– Boris

Modification. This guitar (1955 6199 convertible) actually had a single DeArmondm dynasonic in the neck position. two dearmonds wasn't possible without cutting a large hole for the bridge pickup. I use both pickups regularly so I went with a pair of hilotrons instead. Only required two small screw holes for the bridge pickup as hilotrons are surface mount. The pickguard is also non-original ,as is the bigsby, the bridge(I built that) and the switch in the lower bout F-hole. As you can see it has no other controls added. I have the original parts and could return it to it's original setup with minor cosmetic repair...though I wouldn't play it much.


The disliker has struck again! Pretty consistent. What's more the same cowardly bitter little person disliked all the videos I had on the page in the last 2 days, even the ones I posted a couple of years back! Ah well you have to feel sorry for the sad individual who has nothing better to do with his or her time. Onward!


That was super-fun! Thanks for posting. I loved the first track you posted too, but I was watching on my phone and it was proper late, so I didn't respond.

The song writing is great, the band is as tight as could be and the whole package is just superb. Anyone who votes down something that good is just jealous.


I counter voted your posts up.

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