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4 Scratch Demos


Here are some of the newest additions to my tunes. They’re rough, minimal, and unfinished. I’m trying to get the bones to work. The top 4 are the new ones. The others are not part of this project. Critiques welcome!!!


Those are nice. What a fun listen. Your voice sounds great and loving the tones. Did you do all instruments?


Yes, so far the tracks are all me. For the newest tunes, I’m planning to have friends play instrument tracks and harmony vocals. I’m trying to sure up many ideas. I have had bits and pieces and I want to see what’s there as simply as possible to figure out if they’ll work as a full arrangement. I’ve concentrated more on having words before music.


I've never been able to accomplish drumming but I haven't had much time around drums in my life. I can hack at the Bass and make some chords on keys but not sure which chord they are. That stuff sounds great. I like the lyrics so you have accomplished that but I like the music too. Great job, so far.


Mighty fine stuff! Really enjoyed your vocal delivery and those songs are solid, man! If you ever need bass backup (if your friends/mates aren't available) just holler. You have quality material my man.

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