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What New Tunes Are You Working On?


I have two; "Birth of the Blues", and for all you Potterheads, "Hedwig's Theme." The technical challenges for me are the use of harp harmonics in both tunes.

EDIT: I should probably add that these tunes are my own arrangements.


Working on some new arrangements for "Daydream Believer" and "You Can't Always Get What You Want"


Working on instrumental version of Moby Grape's "8:05"


i'm mostly trying to write stuff of my own, but have messed with Ride's "Jump Jet" recently.


Led Zeppelin "The Song Remains The Same Live Version" of "The Rain Song" was my last challenge. It begins at 5:45 on this video. Jimmy played his Gibson Custom Made Double-neck SG on "The Rain Song", so it's worth it just to see and hear, and it begins at 5:45. (The first tune is "The Song Remains The Same", and it segways into "The Rain Song", and it's a cool tune so I left it on the video). "The Rain Song" is part of a Led Zeppelin duet act my brother, David, and I are working on, and "The Rain Song" sounds amazing even with just a guitar, bass, and drum machine. Jimmy Pages is an excellent composer, and the way just these two instruments intertwine and compliment one another is pure magic!

NOTE : It takes a special bass player to hang with John Paul Jones' chops, and my brother, David, is definitely up for the task. He's the one, of our duet act, that has any real talent. David is a seasoned former touring musician (bassist and lead singer), his band toured with, and opened for the band Kansas for many years. He then re-located (in2000) to Fountain Hills (Phoenix area) AZ, and founded "The Hampton's Band" and was their Frontman until just recently. They played kick ass rock music in the local Indian Casinos, very very tightly, and they were absolutely amazing to see live. The band resently split up and are perusing other things interests (the polite way of saying Bad Blood)!

On The Other Hand - I'm a former beer joint and barn party hack. I always feel fortunate to have him on the team.

(P. S. We're working on a keyboard backing track for this song, it's the missing component right now)!

Both songs (and the entire concert) represent some of Jimmy Page's best live performances. "The Song Remains The Same" takes us on a Zeppelin hard rock journey with some great solos, ending in the exact opposite with "The Rain Song". "The Rain Song" is a great example of how beautifully clean Jimmy Page could play (and play live). The live solos are slightly different and extend from the studio versions (of course), and I think are very well done. It's said that "Jimmy Page plays sloppy", well in a way, yes, but in a cool way. I think that it makes him fairly easy to approximate by many guitarists out here in the wilderness, so his songs are not intimidating to attempt. He mostly plays lead guitar in the Blues Pentatonic Mode, so there's that too! And.... yes it's Led Zeppelin, and....yes people are still playing it....I've been at it non stop since I first heard them while I was in grammar school, after I got my first guitar!


Mostly working on songs of my own. I kind of come from the U2 School . . .I'm not a good enough player to do other people's work justice, so I have to write my own.


After a couple months of “what am I going to do now?”, I took advantage of the Covid lockdown downtime and finally took a look at GarageBand, and although I’m no expert on recording OR GarageBand, I’ve now completed about 20 songs… 16 originals and four covers.

My gf says I should figure a way to get them out to friends and fans, and find a way to do a proper release, and maybe I will try to figure that out too…but I have to admit that recording these tunes made the time go by in a flash! So… now I don’t know. I have my Falcon and 6120, as well as my Guild acoustics and Squire bass at the ready and looking at me like “ come on, Daddio, let’s do something!”



Dreaming by Blondie.


A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square, It Had To Be You, Lady Is A Tramp and I've Got You Under My Skin. We have a few unusual gigs coming up.


My new Gretsch has pushed me in an expanded direction, so I'm now doing Mystery Train, It's All Over Now, Truck Driving' Man, Boot Scootin' Boogie, plus bluesy shuffle versions of Can't Buy Me Love and L-O-V-E. I have been playing jazz and standards my entire life, so getting into some blues and country really puts the 5420 (black with gold hardware) in a nice place. I've put together a trio in the Stray Cats tradition, but with a wider style repertoire, and the work is coming in.


I joined a new band a few weeks ago so there's been a few tunes to learn. Summer of 60, Push, Last Train to Clarksville, Get Together, One Headlight, La Grange, Rock and Roll Fantasy.

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