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Walter Broes guitar instruction!


OK, for most of you, I am sure that this is old news...

But I was away from the forum for a few years, and I had no idea that Walter B. had lessons available on Truefire. As soon as I learned of their existence--just yesterday, actually-- I bought and downloaded them.

Anyway, nice job! Some of the stuff I was familiar with, but I really liked Walter's lesson on Grady Martin (also one of my favourites). I remember playing "I'm Coming Home" in a band I was in a few years ago, and really having to work to get Grady's parts to sound anywhere near close to the record. Sounds easy, but like many great things, isn't so easy!

Walter: a good musician, and a good teacher, too! I'm still finding the Truefire software a bit awkward, but I'm sure I'll get comfortable with it.

I think you're in good company as a teacher. Paul Pigat's DVDs a few years ago were great as well, and I still have the Hotlicks Brian Setzer, Duke Robillard, and Danny Gatton VHS tapes from the 80's. Every now and then I'll fire one of them up and sometimes I manage to absorb a trick or two...

As a teacher myself, I can say that "learning is cool." Cheers.


I was just working on those videos the other night. Walter's one of the best sources of guitar wisdom on the internet. Gear, history, theory, technique, with a helpful, funny, and candid personality. What a guy!


Walter is a fine guitar player and really gets some amazing tones (check out his videos on Youtube) and has an incredible knowledge of all things guitar. I always enjoy his posts here and on the Guild Forum.


Whoa, thanks guys! The Truefire video's been doing great - so good in fact, that in 2017 there's probably going to be a second one!


Whoa, thanks guys! The Truefire video's been doing great - so good in fact, that in 2017 there's probably going to be a second one!

– WB

....first in line for a second Truefire video.


I love Walter's video not just for his excellent instruction, but it's also just fun to watch and listen to him play. It's cool to see his Guild in action. The same can be said for Jim Campilongo's video with his Tele. It's just really cool to see these excellent instruments in the hands of masters.


I loved your truefire course, and I'm grinning with the prospect of a followup!


Thanks guys! Pappy, I'm no master, not by a long shot, but thanks anyway!


I stole every lick on this one. Thanks, Walter.


Well...I'm glad I can show an old Bear a new trick! Cheers!!

(by the way...can you tell how thinking out loud in English is taking me every little bit of concentration I have? haha!)


How do they say 'chicken pickin' in Belgium WB?


"chicken picking"


Jeez, Walter. If we didn't know, no one would ever know you were Belgian. You have absolutely no recognizable European accent when speaking English that I can tell. Great lesson, BTW.

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