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Unexpected way to practice…


I had to call my bank today. Credit card was big deal, it all got sorted. I got the standard recorded voice saying "We are experiencing a high volume of calls. Please stay on the line as your call is important to us".

Well 30 seconds turned into a minute...and then two...and then three. All the while the canned 'elevator' music was playing. I put the phone on speaker, picked up a guitar and played along.

The insipid nature of the canned music didn't bother me as it was at least a rhythmically fast paced disco funk type piece that was in a constant loop. It made it fun to sit and, after working out the chord progression, play through a whole bunch of different solos. I was waiting on the line for almost 15 minutes....but it went by like it was 15 seconds.

Unexpected practice time


Your next single title "Your call is important to us".


I've tried to practice that way through conversations with my wife.

I don't advise it.


"Your call is important to us."

"This call may be monitored for training purposes."


I've tried to practice that way through conversations with my wife.

I don't advise it.

– Proteus

+10 on this one!


Each person in our group at my office job had to take an "offsite" day. Basically we were told to take a paid day off, let our minds wander and come up with a solution to some problem we may encounter. When we returned we had to give a presentation for what we came up with and our solution. Most people's presentations included PowerPoint slides, data analytics, decks, etc.

I used the time and wrote a song. During my presentation I was able to provide background music to my speech by playing some light acoustic guitar along with me talking, just like I would do at home. I could tell the guitar was making my manager very relaxed and it put her in a good mood. Everyone else seemed to really enjoy my non-standard approach also. Then I closed my presentation with the song I wrote. Here all along I thought I was faking my way through the presentation but it turns out that it was a big success.

The power of music!


I hate having to sit on hold...I'm totally doing this.

coincidentally, when I first started learning to play an experienced player told me the best way to rehearse your ear is to play along to the radio, because you never know what song is coming up next.


Great idea, practicing to the radio and hold Muzak. I play to movies (when I watch alone, mind you). It’s as if I am composing the score on the fly. It helps me put different “moods” into my playing...playful, serious, sad, exciting. Very useful for putting emotion into my feel. Now if I can only hit the right notes.

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