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Two’s Company - Diads


I just posted a new lesson on the web site. This one is on using diads (two note chords) in turnarounds in standard jazz tunes. They could also be useful in swing music. Here's the link:

Once on the site, click on lessons and a new tab should open. Then choose the lesson on diads.

I have a lot of jazz guitar material in published format from a couple of decades of lessons that I wrote for the now defunct, Just Jazz Guitar magazine. If there is any topic in the area of jazz guitar that anyone would like material on, please let me know and if I have something that addresses it I'll post it on the web site. Everything is in standard notation and TAB.


Excellent - I'm looking forward to working through your "hybrid picking" tutorials.

Thanks for sharing that info here.


Anything on Kenny Burrell's style? Licks, tricks, favorite techniques?


Anything on Kenny Burrell's style? Licks, tricks, favorite techniques?

– General_Lee

Nothing on Kenny or any particular guitarist, sorry to say. I do have an Ed Bickert transcription somewhere in the vault, but that's it. I used to have a bunch of Wes solos that I did decades ago, and some Pat Martino, but I must have lost them or given them to students without photocopying them.

Kenny was the first jazz guitar player that I really listened to; top of the list for years. To me he was all about feel, as vague as that sounds. Everything he played seemed to have a wonderful infusion of the blues. And, as far as I know, he was to only guitarist to record with John Coltrane.

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