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Thinking” music. A practical technique?


Eh? What have I said?

– Dave_K

Simply improvising on your great post my friend. Simply improvising...


But did you think about it first?


There is a book called "The Inner Game of Music" from the 80's I think. It is based upon "The Inner Game of Tennis" techniques of visualizing before committing to doing. I purchased the book but never read it which must explain why I'm still and lousy player and can't play tennis.


Brain imaging studies on quadriplegics show that visualizing doing something lights up the signals in the brain the same way as actually doing it. Their brains "run" if they are thinking of jogging on a track. Practicing in your mind does have measurable effects on actually doing it. So does dreaming about it.

People generally give more credit to their conscious thoughts than is really due. Much happens without you directly thinking about it. Once you can ride a bike you don't have to think about it most of the time. Same for driving a car.

I'm reading a book about Patient HM, a famous man in neurological circles. He had brain surgery and lost all short term memory. For the rest of his life, he'd forget something told him almost immediately. Yet without thinking about it, he could go down the hall to the bathroom, or get himself something to eat unaided. Clearly there are other ways the brain gathers and uses new information without conscious thought.


Practicing in your mind does have measurable effects on actually doing it. So does dreaming about it. - drmilktruck<

Excellent post. Good to know that scientific studies support my theory. Thanks doc...


But did you think about it first? - Proteus<

He felt it. - Suprdave<

You boys make a convincing argument for something else I've always suspected: That "feeling" is nothing more than unconscious, or rather, dis-formalized thought...


Cheers, Journeyman -- oh I'll keep plodding on. Just learning Makin' Whoopee and This Masquerade for a little trio show (guitar, bass, vocals) next week. Nowhere to hide with that line-up!

– Dave_K

Ain't that the naked truth. The only thing harder is guitar, bass and drums, and of course solo guitar.

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