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Swing/jump blues backing jam tracks instruction


Hey guys, I am looking for a backing jam tracks similar to the standalone tracks where they give you some recommended scales to use in with the songs but in the styles of swing and jump blues. Any book, cd, or video that focuses on soloing, comping, licks and fills would also be great. I'm in a rut and I feel I can play chords and rhythms for days but that's it!


Are you looking for backing tracks that are also the song but you play the solos to? iTunes has a good may of them and downloaded 2 jazz and one blues 2 years ago. really need to download a whole library of them.

You're right in wanting the backing tracks as it will free up creativity, and dust the rust of old licks that you otherwise wouldn't play while learning new ones.

I'll do some searching today and post if I find anything.


Not really looking to just learn solos and play them over tracks, I can do that with the internet. I am looking to build improve soloing/riff experience so I can learn to compile solos. I feel if I just learn solos to various songs I will just get stuck in that rut. I saw the Tommy Harkenrider backing tracks, he has 2 of them. I'm sure those would be good but don't come with any instruction that I know of (like scales or anything). Thanks


Check out Paul Pigat's instructional videos.

Your thread title is a little misleading - you want the "instruction" part, but it reads like you're looking for backing tracks.


Got it. By posing the thought I had, I knew that it would confirm exactly what you needed. I will be on the lookout.

Soloing, or wanting to, is what got me into playing. But I never learn a solo except when the whole song is a solo(example: SRV's Little Wing). I improvise using the marriage of the song's melody, structure of scale around the key it is in, and not using filler but rather incorporating riffs and licks I have from the inventory of them in my head that I've developed over the years.

What you're looking for will help produce that and allow you to in a shorter amount of time. You want to develop solos to compliment a song. Another thing that might help is listening to some professional's interviews. I developed a couple riffs this way. Even a quick conversation I had with Paul Pigat when I met him in NYC enlightened me to create 2 new riffs.

quick edit/edition: tommy59 has a great suggestion.


Thanks guys. Funny, I was just about to suggest Tommy Harkenrider. We both do skype lessons as well if that interests anyone. I will be in LA playing with him after the Ameripolitan awards in Febuary


It's not so much of a teaching guide that you described but there's a book out accompanied by a CD that slows the solos down by Brian Setzer. It's great because it also features a page or 2 of jazz chords that are integral to his playing.

I also like youtube clips like this: GasMoney from the GDP really explains the science behind Cliff Gallup's style and highlights some comparisons to Charlie Christian influence. I need to spend some time with this one.

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