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Stick! I see Emmett Chapman has been busy. I got to see him live many years ago. Interesting idea, the Chapman Stick.


I play a lot of acoustic and most of it is sitting....crossed legs or 2 feet on the ground are equally comfortable. Both my Gretsches, same thing and actually prefer sitting during a serious practice session as it keeps me from losing the discipline of the session by just noodling and losing focus(I tend to want to "rock out" when I'm standing.

I learned to play on a Strat in a sitting position but admit that most of my practice is standing up. My LP or Japanese LP clones? Those damn things never stay on my leg so the only way I play them sitting is if the guitar is hanging by a strap.......same goes for my Gibson Firebird.


We play the wrong way around anyway. It's a tradition going back to times when the right hand required more dexterity for plucking the strings. Much like a harp.

So now our less nimble left hand ends up doing all the hard work. Further proof that we're a load of dumb pluckers


....apologies to left handers and Chet Atkins of course.


....apologies to left handers and Chet Atkins of course.


Even though I prefer to play standing, when I do sit, I sit classical style, on the left knee. It seems to give me better fretboard access and feels right. I do use a foot stand made for classical play and it seems the foot does need to be elevated to maximize the comfort of this position.


I like both using the left leg and the crossed legs. They're both comfortable but produce a different 'presentation' of the neck for me. If I don't need or want to look at the finger board I'll sit crosslegged as in this position I can't see the face of the fingerboard. However with the guitar on my left leg, the neck is turned a bit further than when on my right knee and I have an excellent 'view' of the face of the fingerboard.


Tall stool or a kitchen chair---doesn't matter as long as I can support the guitar on my leg instead of with my back. Tall stool allows you to elevate your leg in classical fashion.

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