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Scotty Moore’s 2nd solo in “Hound Dog”


"Hound Dog" has always been a favorite of mine, and now my band is trying to work up a version to play. I have the rhythm part and first solo down pretty well, but the second solo is difficult. I can't find it tabbed out anywhere and I'm having a hard time figuring it out by myself. It seems that there are many resources for the first solo, but not the second. I guess I could play the same solo twice, but that second solo is one of my favorites. Anybody know where I could find an accurate transcription of it?


I've been looking for the same thing for many years -- especially the first 2 chords of that solo. No luck so far.....

PLEASE let me know if you find it!


I read something cool about the Hound Dog solo in the first issue of Vintage Rock Magazine, with Elvis on the cover.

All the early Elvis sessions are full of happy accidents: 'The solo on Hound Dog sounds like a load of scaffolding poles being dropped on the ground,' blues rocker Alvin Lee once said. `I once asked Scotty Moore how he did it and he said, "I just pulled a handful o' them strings. If you like, I'll tell you about another time I messed up, too..."'

So don't hold your breath for a transcription or tabulature of it. Scotty Moore himself probably never played it the same way again either...



Yep, the beginning of the second solo is one of the coolest licks ever. Would be great to learn how Scotty did that.


Fifth fret, fret top four strings with one finger, strike once and slide towards nut. Quick as you like. Repeat at the seventh fret.

Continue to play, confident that the demented stuttering start to the lick is pretty damn perfect.


Thanks for the heads-up Anders, I've just bought that issue

Here is a video I've made looking at my interpretation of the chords at the beginning of the second solo, I hope it helps a little. Cheers!


Thanks for the video Ste!


You're welcome man, it's a little rough, ha, but I hope it gets the idea and my point across. Just bash those chords like you're kicking a door down!

Although I guess somebody here doesn't like it as it's been voted down, which is a little strange and creepy, ha


Here's a lesson which covers the entire song, including both solos, note for note: Songmaster

Will cost a few bucks though, but will be worth it!

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