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RHH “Eat steak” solo, tabbed what I got so far, need some help with…


Hey all,

When I started playing guitar this particular solo always blew me away, and I set a goal to one day be able to play this. Only last month or so I heard this track again and thought I'd slow it down and figure this one out piece by piece. I just tabbed what I have so far along with a recording. I'm pretty sure it is an accurate tab, except for two bits: recording: (this is my stock G5445t double jet, bridge pickup through my favorite ACDC/Greasy Marshall preset, didn't want to make the tone too similar to be able to hear the difference, oh and shock value, :D) tab:

So the parts that are still a bit weird are the 5th and 6th part in the tab. 5th part: My fingers keep tripping over each other getting those fast notes out. Practicing "Schism" from Tool helped a lot, but still it is really fast to get it clear. Should I perhaps play it on the g string 13th and b string 15th fret?

6th part: that d string 4th is a bit weird, and that triple octave with the b string, 7th fret is really fast for double-stops. Practice makes perfect, but I can't help to think there must be an alternative, more efficient way to hit those notes.

So I figured I'd ask you guys for some advice, learn a few tricks and maybe get more people to learn this incredibly fun solo to play.



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