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Paul Pigat Travis Picking DVDGREAT!


Finally got this. JK Lutherie had it for $20.95 on Ebay and I could not resist.

I have scoured the YouTubes for Travis picking instruction, but I just could not latch onto any of them. Up to now, I have been "faking it" in our band's shows. Hopefully, that will change.

Highly recommend this DVD.

Thanks Paul!


All of Paul's DVDs are solid! I liked the "Jazzin up" DVD too.


I have all three. The Jazzin DVD is great, but will take ALOT of work on my part.


I have the Travis picking DVD and the rockabilly DVD. Really great stuff. I need to rewatch both of them at some point.


I haven't tried the travis picking DVD. But his rockabilly one was great.


Funny this came up. I just watched the Jazzin’….DVD and it’s quite good. I was a little confused by one thing, though. In the first section, he goes through an entire 12 bars of a “jazzed up” blues progression. He adds some ii/V changes, substitutions, and chromatic chord movement to fancy it up. It's tasty.

The lesson is two “complete solos” for the progression, but I swear that neither of them actually goes through the whole 12 bars. They both seem to leave out several bars of chord changes. Has anyone else noticed this, or am I missing something obvious?


Hmmmm. It's been so long since I did that DVD that I can't remember.. Maybe I was just focusing on where the substitutions work best. I will check. I think I have a copy of it somewhere


Yes they are all great . You got plans for anymore Paul ?


I went though it again, and the solos seem to be great examples of how to play over each section, as opposed to complete solos. It's all really good.

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