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Ok, time to practice


Time to execute many repetitions in several keys, applying minor pentatonic scales and major scales. I use them when composing solos for songs I've learned, but when it comes to improv., I'm like a deer in the headlights. This a good use for my looper.


I need a looper. I'll bet that's a great way to practice solos.


"Scales? Never heard of him." - Joe Pesci


I solo a lot but have to state that my practice sessions include the warmups and then playing to the song. A looper is great especially if you compose a song in your head, lay down the rhythm, and then work on improvisation.

In addition to a looper, backing tracks are great and am looking into some good ones for swing blues. You will be surprised how many versions of an improved solo you can create using these. The trouble is in how to find them.

A great youtube reference is Gregsguitars on youtube. He plays hundred of clips with all kinds of guitars.

In the one I posted, he using a backing track but in other videos, he starts with looping a specific rhythm, build a layer, loops it and repeat until he gets to the point where the song lets him expand and play solos.

It's inspiring watching him play.....many kinds of music, all kinds of guitars that just watching him will inspire your improvising soul!


Here is one with a looper:

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