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I need some help figuring out a little solo that my friend came up with quite a while ago. It's just a recording on my phone and I have no idea how to make it so you guys can listen to it. So first this old technology challenged man needs help with that. Second, my friend that came up with this is very ill and can no longer play. He has no clue what he played. It was just a late night jam session. I'm working on remebering the chord progression but I'm fairly sure we did it in A major. So in short I need help (1) getting the recording from my phone to on here. (2) need help figuring out the solo. This would mean so much if you guys could help me here. My ears never have been very good at picking out the notes. That's why I read music.


It's an iPhone 5. It wasn't even originally recorded on that though. So it's a recording of a recording which makes it rather low in quality.


If you also have a Mac, you can download a program called "PhoneView," HERE and install it on your Mac.

Then plug the phone into the Mac (via the usual USB charging/sync cable), and you'll get a screen that lets you "see" the files on the phone. You can find the recording and transfer it to your Mac (by dragging).

You could then attach it to an email and send it to me, and I'll be happy to post it in this thread. To get my email address, click on my avatar (the little engine that coulda been a contender) and click "contact." Send me a message and I'll respond, then you'll have my email address to send the file.


However, the email function of the GDP site has been compromised of late, so your email very well may not go through to Proteus. Usually, you will receive an "undeliverable" message when that happens and the recipient's email address (Proteus' address in this instance) will show up in that undeliverable notice. If that is the case, just copy the email address from that notice and then resend it as you would any other email which is sent outside the GDP.

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