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Jump Jive and Wail / Setzer sheet music Help!


Guys and Gals, Does anyone have some tabs/chord voicings for Brian Setzers' Jump Jive and Wail? Specifically the chord voicings in the guitar solo and the chord voicings for the transitions after the verses, (before the key change and ending)?

I have the Hal Leonard sheet music and tab, but because "on the recording" it's only the horns playing the transitions, the guitar chord shapes are not included, only general chord names for a rhythm part. I've watched a few youtube videos as well, but no one seems to be doing what Brian actually does. Many interpretations sound close, but they're not exactly correct.

Setzer is pretty consistent with what shapes his hands form during live videos when he plays the solo, as well as the transition chords/parts with the band, but nothing I've found is close enough to actually see what strings his fingers are on.

I'm playing this song with a 4 piece band so I really want to nail Brians guitar part. Can anyone please show me a correct chart/tab

Thanks in advance


That chord shape he plays in the solo is a common inversion of a 13th chord. I'll see if I can make a video clip or something. Most bands I have seen play the ends of the verse 5-4-1, and it's 2-5-1.


JB's has the right shape there. Root on the top E string. It's a 9th rather than a 13th- pedantry alert has been disabled being as we're in the Woodshed Dept.

Good luck with the song. It's a nice play, especially if there's a lot of horns along for the ride.

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