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Johnny Hatton Rockabilly Bass book now available


I know that there are a number of URB players on the GDP. This book was announced just before NAMM here on the pages, and it just got delivered to our humble bungalow yesterday.

I will say that I didn't expect it to be quite so thin for $10, but it's only $10, right? It starts off with absolute slap basics, and appears to progress fairly modestly for 58 pages. I'm just a few pages in and reviewing the videos available from the Hal Leonard website with the printed access code - no great revelations yet. It does require that you be able read charts without the videos. If I'd had my druthers, I'd have purchased this as an e-book for my iPad rather than as hard copy, but alas, Hal Leonard doesn't appear to support e-pub. Pity, they could have embedded links right to the on-line videos...

At this point, I'm just hoping to improve technique and speed a bit.

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