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Johnny Cash I’ve been everywhere


Hi everybody, I'm looking for the tab of Johnny Cash I've been everywhere... It is in the Hal leonard book - The best of Johnny Cash

Does anyone have it and could send me a scan of it???



That song is SO easy! You don't need tabs.

Intro is first position E and A three times, third A is a sixth chord (actually, they screwed up there: one guitar plays a straight A, one an A7, then they compromise by playing a sixth), end on E.

Then it's just a blues in E: E, A, and B7. The James Burton/Mystery Train lead parts are just slurs from the 7th to 9th frets, then 12th to 14th frets on the G and B strings. All the rest is noodling. It sounds as though they recorded it the first time they played it.


I prefer the original Hank Snow version.


It's just three chords. What you need is the words.


I like the MacLean and MacLean version.

Here's Stompin' Tom.

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