The Woodshed

How Do You Woodshed With Others?


I approached this thread thinking just about electrics but now looking back on the past 2 decades, the greatest acoustic playing has come when I've been around others. During these times I know that I had been able to play 30 to 40 songs (including singing) and my attention to quality was heightened. I think part of it comes from not wanting to be the weak link.


The initial concept of this thread was a recognition of how we used to do this as kids when we were learning how to play. A buddy of mine who purchased a Gretsch slide guitar a few years ago told me recently, "Hey, we should get together much like we would have done as teenagers and just play some together."

So, that got me to thinking about how each of us logistically or mechanically approaches the notion of improving our skill set by woodshedding with others. I don't think that it makes much difference whether it is done with acoustic or electric instruments.

The decided preference appears to be semi-organized jams with groups. I do like the idea of using a looper to polish your chops. The only thing that I don't like about it is that you are doing it alone. I think that there is such a incremental synergy that is derived from playing with others. If nothing else, there is conversation that accompanies the playing where ideas can be exchanged. However, for the purely repetitive process of hand-eye coordination or muscle memory, it is hard to beat a looping device.


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I pay a guy to play with me! AKA a guitar instructor!

Then also an old jazz friend comes by my house once in a while to blow me into the weeds on guitar. We've been at it since 1975.

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