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Free lessons with mp3 files up on my website


My old website is being moved from an HTML one into Wordpress. It still needs some work but now I can do my own updates etc. and I'll be posting lessons as time goes on. These will be for jazz guitar and the first two are up now, in notation with TAB and accompanying MP3 files. The first two are on hybrid picking in a jazz context. The mp3 files have each example played twice at different tempos. The accompanying text should be fairly clear but feel free to leave comments or ask questions on the site or here. Here is a link to the "Lessons" page of the site:

Still have some formatting issues to work out. If you want to hear the examples and see the notation/tab/text at the same time, it looks like you will have to open two windows on your computer screen and then separate them. I just noticed that if I click on the link to the text/notation/TAB while listening to the MP3, the player stops. Two separate screens will work though. I'm learning....


That's a great lesson! I like the fact that you've concentrated on one very specific aspect of playing. Lots of instructors have difficulty keeping a narrow focus with individual lessons.


Thanks for posting those lessons. I've been trying to get the hang of hybrid picking, & these look like excellent exercises.


Thanks for the feedback guys. When I write teaching materials I try to come up with things that sound good in a playing context while still targeting the main idea or technique. There used to be a lot of books on the market that had very mathematically generated material and I never could get much out of them.

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