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Chords and Lyrics for “Hushaby Mountain” from ‘Chitty Chitty Bang B…


Been looking on the u tube and can't find a decent example. I would love to play and sing this for my new baby girl. My ears are not so good so I have trouble figuring the chords but I can learn it if I can see it.

This should be a simple request for the woodshed.


David Gilmours rendition is beautiful....


GREAT vid...


I still love that movie. Great music to share with your daughter. Congratulations BTW!


Thanks! I wrote a song for the boys and I'll write a song for her but this will do for now.


Beautiful song. Julie London did a great version on her last album. has several versions.


Richard Hawley and Lisa Hannigan


That Richard Hawley guy does alright sometimes... \m/


Richard Hawley and Lisa Hannigan

– Deed Eddy

That's the best. Thanks Deed.


Hmmm. I don't know how I missed this thread but I needed that after a tough day as it brought back some real nice childhood memories.


Such a lovely song. We were just talking about this one tonight. Since I taught my wife to sing, I think perhaps she is getting some big fat ideas.

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