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Chet’s “Yestergroovin” help


A great tune by Chet. I’m trying to learn it. The melody isn’t too hard to get by ear but I’m having trouble picking up the chords in it. I’ve never been very good at that. Could somebody help give me a start on the chord progression so I could go from there? It’d great if somebody could. Thanks.


First part - E/Ab/Dbminor/Bminor/E Second part - A/E/Db7/F#minor/B7 Last chord - A at second fret but letting the open d string ring. Haven't a clue what it's called.


Thank you! You’re a big help, Taffy. Have you recorded this one by chance?


I haven't listened to that one much at all hoosier so made a change to do so.


In this context, I believe that last chord would be called A major, with an added fourth.

A add 4, in short.

That's a nice tune, and I enjoyed the nostalgic photos accompanying that video clip.


A add 4 doesn't mention not playing the 5th which wouldn't sound right if you did so it should be A add 4 minus 5 which = A minus 1


Darn . . . I was always a bit math challenged.

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