The Woodshed

Black Coffee in Bed


Spent some quality time in the woodshed tonight on this one. Although the solo always sounded more Gibby to me than Gretsch, I've always loved it. The tone is perfect to my ears. Sounds even better on a Gretsch, too. :)


Great song! I'm mainly a rhythm player (actually mainly a drummer) so I'm going to try to tackle this one. Thanks for posting it.


Buddy, if you search YouTube there's also a lesson by Glenn Tilbrooke teaching the rhythm parts, which is pretty cool. I wanted to tackle the solo first because it's so damn tasty.


P.S. The YouTube lesson is just a segment. The whole thing can be found in GarageBand.

P.P.S. Great band, indeed, Doc. Learning the solo made me realize that all of my Squeeze albums were on cassette tapes in a case that was thrown out years ago. Last night I went on an iTunes shopping spree.

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