Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Wow. What a stunner.


3k is a big asking price for a Streamliner

Still - from a pure function perspective, the guitar provides way more than half the functionality of a 6120, and we’d consider 6k a steal for a 6120 in similar condition, with similar wood figure.

I know the 6120 is the iconic model, which drives its market value up independently of its musical value - which is all psychology, thus not something we can rationalize.

But this guitar’s figure is almost unique (from what I’ve seen) in vintage Gretschdom. I think I’ve only seen a handful of Gretschs (of any model) with a comparable degree of figure - and none have been blonde.

Which might make this guitar completely unique, and lift it above its Streamlinerness. I guess I don’t think the price is out of line.

– Proteus

Agree with every word. This ain’t just a Streamliner, it might be “the” Streamliner. That’s worth a little premium over normal market values. My 56 Streamliner is a fantastic guitar.


I had this one for awhile...

– kc_eddie_b

Wow. That’s a looker


Anybody able to get the serial number on this lovely gal?

I love my ‘’s the ugly step sister to this one though.

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